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Winner of the Yanik Silver UK Underground Internet Marketer Award, Phil Gosling is one of the UK’s most respected and successful home business and internet publishing experts. 
A speaker at over 55 business seminars, he was advisor to the former Guild of Wealth and has appeared as a guest speaker with Jim Edwards (Mini-Site Creator fame) and Yanik Silver.

Bob Proctor's (The Secret DVD) Life Success Organization originaly published the hard-copy version of Success Engineering. It is on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites in both hard copy and eBook formats.  

  Phil appeared with the late, legendary John Gommes plus Vince Stanzione and Mike Chantry at the UK Masters seminar at La Manga in Spain.

A keynote speaker at events in the USA and Europe, Phil's biting sense of humour mixed with his obvious passion for your success makes Phil much called for.

Phil has published many books, eBooks and courses including Live the Dream, Living Free, and The Home Publishing Revolution. His latest book Luck Engineering has already achieved great acclaim and has been sold world-wide.
He has published many other successful books and

As well as creating “The School” a special mentoring workshop, Phil’s writings and advice have helped many people to make money, including £120K for a Merseyside housewife and £60K on several projects run by clients, within days of starting their projects supported by Phil's advice.




The Fabulous
eBook PUBLISHING REVOLUTION Website- the Greatest Home Business in the World

"Not only can this business double your income inside 12 months - it can become a full time career that can buy you your dream."

Top Seminar Speaker and Publisher Phil Gosling reveals how you can earn GREAT money at home. See some of the amazing testimonials and true stories throughout this site.

Britain's most unusual and radical home business expert reveals the only course of its kind in the world . . .


The eBook University ...

On-Line coaching in the most cutting-edge, high profit business on the internet today

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See Phil's new eBook

Second Chance: How the Over 50s can Thrive and Prosper in the New Word

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"Full of Phil's wonderful blend of common sense and "out of the box" thoughts that leave you wondering, "Why didn't I think of that?"
Add to that his extraordinary generosity in sharing cutting-edge, money making techniques on the internet, which would cost a fortune from anyone else, and you have a book which will change your life."

"Another wonderful, remarkable, inspirational read from this talented, durable author.

A book like this can set you on the path to living a better, more peaceful, profitable lifestyle. Yes, it may currently be on offer for a tiny price, but it's packed with lots of sound, practical advice, techniques, and know-how



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(Exacts from emails received and unsolicited comments from course buyers)


Thanks ..

Email received after Phil’s eBook workshop


"Dear Phil, ... underway and I've already made $2000...."


... Finally, I have two more things to tell you.

1. ... I have surpassed the #150,000 mark in a little over 14 months - and it's still selling like hot cakes (and I'm still grinning from ear to ear!)

Thanks again for everything Phil,

N.   Email (Names removed for privacy)



"Good afternoon Phil,

Firstly, I hope that I have got the correct email address, as I have had a couple of problems with my system and some of my information seems to have been corrupted...
Assuming that I have, I would firstly like to say thank you for the seminar last Friday,
the most fantastic seminar I have ever attended ...  I have been to a number of seminars which state that they will give me a superb business and none have lived up to the hype until yours.

Peter C - email



"“I have just returned from an internet marketing seminar in the US …cost me $4500 …The FREE parts of your information are worth the same if not even more…”


"Thank you for your occasional inspiring emails! We have both attended one of your seminars in the past and are currently benefiting from membership of the course...
Since doing your seminars, we have increased business further  - a much easier way to earn! ...very successful ... 


"First off I would like to say how inspired I was… left me feeling so grateful… a piece of info that can really change your life! Really, I cannot thank you enough. Many people that came away yesterday… were relieved that you had shown them something that they could DO without losing their shirt, without risk, and what is more could finally give them the lifestyle of their dreams."


The copy-writing workshop :

Hi Phil,

I attended your copywriting workshop on Friday 3rd June. I just wanted to quickly let you know about the success I’m having by using the techniques I learned that day.

I left your seminar on the Friday and spent the entire weekend rewriting and re-jigging my entire website copy based on the exact steps you laid out. As of today (Tuesday 21st June, a little over 2 weeks since the workshop) I have sold 97 ebooks at $39.97 a piece. That’s $3877.09 worth of ebooks - more than DOUBLE what I’d been selling previously!

I’m very happy!

The Million Dollar Cheque seminar was without doubt THE best investment I have ever made. Better than all the courses and books I’ve bought on the subject put together.

I really have learned a skill that is going to set me up for life and I can’t thank you enough.

N.M.K 21 



... I've studied a lot of copywriting courses and been to quite a few seminars on the subject but your one day workshop really put the whole subject into perspective by using simple, easy-to-follow steps.

I would recommend anyone to go to your seminar.

They couldn't possibly NOT be able to write a winning sales letter just by following your simple formula. And having looked at some of the sales letters out there, just using your formula would give them an instant makeover. 

I sat down after the day with you and finished a sales letter in one week-end. I've incorporated all your "gates" into the copy and it reads well. It will be on the web within a week - after it has been edited. 

Once again thanks for boiling down such an important subject into manageable "bite-sized" chunks.




"... many thanks for a hugely informative day at the recent copywriting workshop."  - H.M 

" ... a big 'thank you' ... a wonderful and informative Copywriting workshop on Friday June 3." - G.G 

"... just a quick thank you for the excellent organisation ... and the content, which I guess has probably saved me at least three months if I had had to get this far with the technical stuff working on it at home ..." - DC

"Dear Phil and Sheelagh,
Again just a quick e-mail to say thank you to you both for last Friday. Phil, you once again demonstrated that your the nicest person in the "biz op world" (for want of a better term) and just as importantly the most knowledgeable." - R.D. 





(Exacts from emails received and unsolicited comments from course buyers)


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